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Why should I have my car detailed?
Detailing and Window Tinting is probably one of the least understood, but most valuable services you can get for your vehicle. Your auto is an investment. Regular detailing will protect and keep it looking new as long as you own it. If your vehicle has been neglected, detailing will restore a showroom look and feel. If you are selling or trading your vehicle, a detail will assure a quicker sale while increasing the value hundreds or even thousands of dollars.Bright Blue

Our Polished Image Detail and Tint center is a leader in Western Pennsylvania with multiple local dealerships and limousine services enlisting us as clients because of our superior quality of service and reasonable prices. We feature a computer cut window tint that provides an exact fit for almost any vehicle.

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 FULL INTERIOR & EXTERIOR DETAIL . . . . . . . . starting at  $229.95                             

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COMPLETE  DETAIL*………. .  at $249.95

Performing the Big Brother of Detail Services, our techs pull out all

of the stops with this Complete Detailing Package

Our techs pull out all of the stops with this detailing package. Autos luxuriate under a full-service Platinum wash, complete with Triple Foam cleaner wax, chassis bath rust inhibitor, and a hand towel treatment. The body of the car gets a double dose of shine as techs hand buff and wax the exterior, dress the tires, and polish any chrome. Moving to the interior we vacuum debris from the carpets and seats, use a commercial steam extraction unit for the carpets and the upholstery, we then wash the windows, and treat the leather seating areas and the dash to a thorough cleaning and then apply protective treatments to wood trim, Vinyl / Leather seats and door panels using a conditioner specifically designed for leather and vinyl is applied to prevent cracking or fading caused by exposure to the sun. when finished your car will look Showroom New.

Give your vehicle that “fresh off the lot” feel !

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  Express Exterior Detail & Mini Interior Detail* -$169.95

Performing the little brother of the Complete Detail, techs pull out a goodly portion of the stop with this detailing package. Autos luxuriate under a full-service Platinum wash, complete with triple foam polish &  cleaner wax,chassis bath rust inhibitor hot wax and  and a hand towel treatment. The body of the car gets a double dose of shine as techs hand buff and wax the exterior, dress the tires specialty tire/wheel treatments and polish any chrome. Moving to the interior, they wash the windows, vacuum debris from the carpets and seats, cleaning the windows, vacuuming the carpeting, and seating areas and wiping down the dash area .

 ( This service should not be confused with our complete detail service listed above it does not include steam cleaning or shampooing of interior)

  Exterior Detail* – $139.95 – &   Wash   Exterior is Buffed  & Waxed to showroom like condition. Rubber and plastic on the exterior of the vehicle are cleaned and dressed as well specialty tire/wheel treatments Does not include any interior services.

* Vans, SUVs’ and large vehicle subject to additional $20 charge.
 Rescheduling fee of $20 applies for all service if not notified within 48 hrs of cancellation.
** If applicable, fabric protector should only be applied to clean or like new fabric areas.

 COMPLETE INTERIOR DETAIL* . . . . starting at 139.95

This package concentrates on the interior of the vehicle to make it look and
feel like new! Our technicians thoroughly steam clean and  shampoo all carpets and throughout the interior.

We also clean the vents, cup holders, door jambs, plastic and
other vinyl surfaces. Once the inside is completely cleaned, we condition the
whole interior, which moisturizes and helps prevent cracking.

  Fabric and carpet  Protector to protect your beautiful interior from life’s everyday accidental spills and stains, actually repels water and spills, making cleanup quick and easy. The long-lasting protection actually helps fabrics and carpeting maintain its own natural texture to  keep the stains out of your vehicles interior. $39.95

CLAY BAR  Service . . . . . . . . starting at $49.95 up to 124.99
This procedure removes all impurities, such as tree sap and over spray giving your vehicle a smoother than factory finish. Once all contaminations are removed, a special formulated Wax is massaged into your vehicles finish, giving your investment a brilliant well protected high gloss look. We also recommend our Exterior Detail with this package to provide the ultimate protection against the harsh environment.   Platinum Wash Package also included with this service.


 Upholstery Cleaning – $39.95
 Carpet Cleaning- $29.95
 Trunk Cleaning – $19.95
 Engine Steam Cleaning - $59.95
 Tire / Wheel Treatment – $9.95
Exterior Hand Wash - $39.95

 Other Services

 24K Gold Plating
 Automotive alarm installation- from ($ 139.95)
 Remote starters (From $299.95 to $399.95) Installed
 Specialty flourescent lighting
 Complete line of custom wheels
 Windshield and auto glass replacement

Platinum Wash $25.95 : Super Deluxe Full Service Car wash, hot wax, sealer wax, triple foam polish & wax,chassis bath rust inhibitor, air freshener, whitewall tire treatment, custom wheel treatment ,hand towel dried,windows cleaned and carpeting vacuumed. The ultimate Wash inside and out